Friday, 9 October 2015

Sketchy Fact #99: Stop the Muzzlin' - GO VOTE!

Advanced polling begins today in the 2015 Canadian federal election. We would much rather provide you with a fun science fact, but the Harper Government has spent the past 10 years being totally uncool to scientists by slashing funding and preventing them from sharing the latest and greatest research about fish and whales and climate and all the other things that don't help Conservatives and their homies make money. With that in mind, this week's fact is more of a plea to all Canadian voters:


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They need to understand that scientists are valuable assets for every country. respect them fund them and they can change the world.neglecting their needs would do nothing but just discourage them and effect their work

Emily Sloss said...

Love your sketches! I've started a sketchbook at and I really want to share my art with everybody.

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